Monday, October 25, 2010

hunger strike #1

Well hello blogosphere. Long time no see.

After a brief hiatus with no laptop I'm back (and not much thanks go to the Geek Squad and their less than stellar customer service). All I can say is thank goodness for the iPhone during this computerless time. Not to sound like a total phone snob... but seriously, how did I live without this lil gem? I'm never going back. i feel like I can actually capture Corban moments as they're happening thanks to the stellar camera. Not only that, but I can post those suckers asap to facebook. Literally, 1 minute. OH JOY. I could go on and on about this life with the iPhone... but how lame.

On to more important things. Corban is on a hunger strike. We're talking like 3 weeks of questionable eating habits. WHAT IN THE WORLD KID? At first I thought it was just because he had a cold... and although that didn't help the situation we are currently sans cold and still not eating much. Here's what I know: Corban will always eat pizza. Oh geez. I try to sneak in lil red bell peppers and spinach and stuff. Somehow his ultra sensitive pallet and fabulous tongue control manages to find them, sift them through chewed food and spit them out. At least I try. Everytime I see a mom with atleast 6 kids (Which is plenty in Ave) I'm always asking... what do you do? Will he starve himself? Am I a horrible mom? Thankfully these all knowing moms tell me the same thing. Don't worry about it. he'll eat when he's hungry, just keep trying. Okay moms... I'll keep trying. But I refuse to feed him cheese pizza every meal. Say a prayer as your eating your meal tonight that CX starts eating like a regular human being who is try to grow.

Corban has become quite the crazy. He's all over the place. Climbing couches, throwing himself on the floor like he's practicing to be in the WWF and then laughing, throwing everything he touches and dive-bombing off of everything taller than he is. Often I find myself saying "Corban, be careful" and then feeling like surely he's fine now. SERIOUSLY JESS???!!!! You think "be careful" will suffice. Corban will suddenly stop throwing himself off the couch because I said so. Oh pulease. back to reality. Grab the kids scrawny ankle and keep him safe. I'm amazed daily that he's almost one with no major incidents or injuries. Thanks goodness he has an AWESOME guardian angel. Thank you Jesus.

So today Jamon and I celebrate 2 GLORIOUS years of marriage. I can hardly believe it's only been two. It feels like my life. I LOVE it. Last night I was reminiscing about our wedding and how fun we had and how blessed we were by everyone there. A huge thank you to our family and friends for blessing us with their presence both at our wedding and throughout our married life. Thank you, we love you.

Well... gotta run. Jamon is home and I'm dying to spend some quality time with him while Corban naps.

Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure: 

love, love, love,