Thursday, March 31, 2011

My like for groupon and other stuff

Let me start by stating my deep like for Groupon.

A couple of weeks ago they enticed me to purchase a killer deal for a cruise to the Bahamas. Jamon was convinced it would be the best babymoon ever. Agreed. We found some wonderful friends to babysit Corban for the weekend and headed to west palm beach to board the boat for a weekend of fun in the sun. So hopeful, so naive. We get to the dock and got through all of the rigamaroll you have to, to get on and literally, as we're walking on to the boat someone asks me if I'm pregnant. Um yep. Definitely. How far along you ask... oh 35 weeks or so. Now here comes the raincloud. "The US Coast Guard has a cut off of 24 weeks pregnant to cruise." Oh, did I say 35 weeks, I meant 20 with twins. :) Needless to say, we weren't able to board, and I am still not a bahama mama. My awesome huz decided to make the best of it and took me to Chipotle. Oh delish!!!! And then we went to Mass in Boca Raton (Gorgeous town!) and then went to downtown Boca to people watch, stroll and grab a small dinner. It really was an awesome night. I love my huz. he seriously cracks me up. I always knew he was a "guys guys" but never before had I witnessed it in such force until we walked into starbucks. In Jamon's own words "Coffee shops make me weird." It's true, he stumbled with his words, wasn't sure what to get, who to talk to... thankfully we ended up deciding on a mocha for this tough guy. Not too sweet, not too blah. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did when we got into the car and he confessed how uncomfortable he was in said coffee shop. he then proceeded to show me exactly how he felt about his coffee. This guy is a hoot. Excuse the fuzziness... iPhone doesn't work so well in the dark.

Oh J... it's not that girly. Just a mocha. It's not like you got an orange mocha chip frappacino.

So excited about his "hot chocolate with a kick."

 Anyway... about Groupon. This week i called them to let them know I couldn't use the coupon and would like a refund. I expected red tape, to be told no, to have to battle. No ma'am. Within 5 minutes my refund was in the works. No questions. Groupon... i will purchase from you again. Great customer service. I especially like the coupons for teeth whitening. I'm such a sucker for pearly whites... no one wants butter teeth. Chicklets please.

So tonight I was going to try to be suzy homemaker. I had some extra bananas, some gluten free flour, and a knack for baking. This is what came out: Banana "bread", more like banana mess. tasty. But not so pretty. I should've used more non-stick spray. Oh well.

Thankfully my little guy will eat just about anything! He likes the banana crumb. Here is a picture of how big he's getting:

He is mister personality. So friendly and loving. He's such a romeo. He blows kisses to everyone and kisses me all day. He also likes to put me in the "sleeper hold" WWF style. I think he learned that from Jamon - they wrestle a lot. Hey, I'll take affection however I can get it. Lately Corban has developed a love of music and dancing. As soon as I turn on the music on my phone he starts clapping, grabs my phone and starts busting some sweet moves. I've got to get it on film. He's got what Jamon and I call happy feet. And, lucky kid, he picked up my sweet signature move, the very one that won Jamon over when we were dating. He affectionately calls it the "J-bod special." Corban, you lucky lil guy, such great moves.

So here's the latest preggo pic followed by my newest food obsession:

36 weeks. Holler.
You read that right... Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter nuts. Stop it right now. I will devour this entire container in a matter of minutes. I'm so happy!
That's about it for this lil up date. Happy Thursday night.

x's and o's.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trash days

Today is trash day. Saturdays and Wednesdays. This morning as I was taking the trash out (early I might add since we've missed it the past two weeks... Gross!) I was reflecting on my adulthood. I was thinking about the exact point I can remember thinking... yep, I've arrived. Adulthood, hello. You might think this point was when I was first living on my own, or got a real job, or got married, or moved across the country with the huz. Nope, none of those points. The point I distinctly remembering realizing I had entered adulthood was a trash day, the Saturday one, and looking at Jamon as I was making breakfast and realizing that either him or myself needed to hurry and take the trash out if we hadn't already missed it. My dad, who if I remember correctly was always tasked with garbage duty, was not going to take the trash out for me. He was not going to just get it done. I actually had to think about trash days and bringing the garbage can out to the street. Hello adulthood. I'll have the garbage on the curb waiting for you. Suffice it to say, I've missed my fair share of trash pick ups. I forget... and where is my dad when the trash needs taken out? Sheesh.

That's it. That's all I've got this morning. Just wanted to share a moment with you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I heart the sun.

Oh bloggity blog blog. My best intentions are never enough to keep you up to date.

Jamon and I recently went to Uniontown, PA for the USCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association) National tournament. His team was ranked 5th in the nation and was able to compete for the national title. Though we didn't win, we did play in the Championship game and can now say that we are a National Champ runner up. Exciting times for a program that is only 2 years old!!! Good job boys. It was a nice trip and I even got to relax one of the days... for a couple of hours. Otherwise, it was all basketball, cooking and driving. I loved it. The weather was cold and lovely. The resort we stayed at was breath-taking. Gorgeous. The tough part... leaving my lil bud, Corban. he stayed back in warm sunny Florida to play with Oma and Opa for a few days and then Grandma for a few days. s.p.o.i.l.e.d. I could hardly wait to get back so I could hug and kiss him to pieces. 8 days is a long time to be away.

Though far from school, books are never far from these studious boys minds.

The whole basketball family - minus cx of course.

The boys after the amazing last second victory of the 2nd game. Whew....

Primanti Brothers... google it. SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

After our cold little adventure in PA, I'm reminded even more so of how much I love Florida weather. We got back and it was in the 80's. Glorious.  Corban LOVES being outdoors... and I can handle it for a while, but this big ole belly is starting to bet a bit uncomfortable. Seriously, no room for air in my lungs, belly resting on my knees when I sit. so unattractive. Nonetheless we venture out to the beach occasionally. It is a good reminder of just how incredible blessed we are to live in such a beautiful city.

At the beach this past weekend. Loving some fun in the sun and sand.

Corban and Daddy venture towards the water. it didn't take long for fearless CX to run into the waves himself. Enough fearlessness to give his momma a heart attack.

Pregnancy is progressing along nicely. 34 weeks, and no recent picture to show for it. Trust... there's no denying a baby in this belly. My stomach constantly hops around like it's a bounce house for a family of maniacs. Blaise puts Corban to shame in the activity level department. Oh goodness. This past week or so I can tell I've become a lot more tired. Like exhausted, would take naps every three hours like Corban, if I could.  Small price to pay. I'm sure it's just Gods silly way of preparing me for going non-stop when Blaise gets here and I've got TWO little ones that I can shower with my love and attention. Get ready boys.

Speaking of boys... my window of computer time has come to a close. I hear Corban waking up from his nap, which means "go-time!" We've got to run to the adoration chapel... for Lent we're going every day. Corban is learning to genuflect... or air squat... we're not quite sure which he's mimicking. But he's picking something up. And I'm sure we're a good Lenten sacrifice for the people in the chapel as we barge in with CX who has yet to learn the meaning of Ssshhhhhh. Oh well...