Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just like I pictured

I will make no apologies for being the worlds worst blogger. (although rest assured, I do have heaping piles of guilt)

Now to pretend like I haven't just NOT blogged for the past 10 months or whatever.
Today was one of those awesome days when life was just like you always pictured it would be. Smiles, breezes, and love.

All was right in the world. Corban and Blaise were pure joy. I'm serious, they did not have one meltdown, one screaming fit. They literally danced and sang all day. They played by themselves. They helped me cook and clean. They danced with their daddy and me. I'm totally cheesing as I think about it. In the evening - after we napped, we all sat out on the back lanai and enjoyed the perfect weather and the breeze. They boys colored and golfed. My toes are literally curling at the sheer perfection this day was to me. Then we ate an awesome dinner. Zucchini Lasagna. Anyone having a baby anytime soon... this is what you're getting from me. It was SO GOOD.

This morning Corban did not wake up until 6:20 this morning! When 4:00am is his usually rise and shine time the extra 2 hours was glorious. When he did wake up he just crawled into our bed and started singing some song about apple seeds. Cute. He and I then got out of bed to open his Easter basket so daddy could sleep a couple more hours.  Blaise woke up around 6:45 and we all had a mommy/ baby boy party. We sang, we danced, we said our prayers and ate breakfast. Carrot Cake for all. Milk for the boys and coffee for me. Awesome mom award please. the day continued on in this awesome fashion. I won't bore you with the details. Just know that my heart is soaring. I am BLESSED and I am THANKFUL.

HAPPY EASTER 2012!!!!!

Moving right along. Here are some things of worth:

*Blaise turns ONE, *Sigh - gasp* next week. HOW did this happen? Oh my word, here come the tears. I am SO emotional. That kid is totes awesome. He is walking up a storm. He smiles ALL the time. He is also learning sign language, or rather, we are learning his sign language. Blaise is an awesome little brother. my heart explodes with love for this little dude,

*Corban is almost 2.5. This little spark is wild. He is non stop running, shooting hoops, talking, kissing, singing. He can go potty on the big boy potty (insert applause here) (Oh, and all applause shall be directed at the Montessori school that taught him.) He can loud and proud sing his ABC's and count 1,2,5,10. He will always ask for "5 mo minutes." And if you ever ask him the time for anything his answer will always be 2:30. His favorite food is pizza. He asks for it everyday. Nice try bucko. He loves shooting hoops and playing with his friends. We have conversations about Jesus, school, friends, food... anything. I LOVE this guy.

*Jamon and I have both received our CrossFit Level 1 certification. Very exciting. I've been coaching and programming a cross training class here in Ave for the past almost 8 months and it was nice to be able to kick it up a notch with some more knowledge. I love this stuff. Ask me about it... not to get too over the top... but Crossfit is quite definitely for everyone.

*J and I have been blessed to have quite a few "get-aways" lately. The past month the two of us have traveled to Uniontown, PA for 8 days for the USCAA basketball tournament. We finished 3rd. Orlando for a weekend of CrossFit training, and then New Orleans with my brother and sis-in-law for the Final 4. In two weeks were heading to West Palm Beach with some friends for CrossFit regionals, where Jamon is COMPETING. Stud. I'm married to a total stud. 

I'm sure there is more. Lots more. But these are all the tasty morsels you get for now. Jamon just got home from workout #2 and I'm going to spend some quality time with the huz. Carrot cake again please.

Please don't judge my poor writing skills, bad grammar, etc...

I'm just trying to put my heart out there and never did understand sentence structure or what all the different punctuation things were for. I think I may over use commas.

Loving life folks. Thank you Jesus for our life.