Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Babies and eyebrows

I went to the Dr. today and nothing exciting happened. She listed to Corban's heartbeat and measured my tummy and said everything was perfect. Cool. I'll take that. I go again next Tuesday for a sonogram appointment so she can tell us Corbans weight and all of that fun stuff. It'll be great to see him again. Though let me be clear... I'd rather have him HERE in my arms than here in my belly. I'll be 38 weeks along on Friday and I feel like I've been pregnant forever. Please don't mis-read. I've really enjoyed my pregnancy... especially the middle and close to end. It's really a special time that I'll cherish. Like tonight... I sat on the couch and just watched Corban move around. He's a feisty lil guy and makes my stomach jump around like he's in a mosh pit. I love feeling him move. It's so unique. I'm the ONLY person who knows what Corban feels like. Sure, Jamon... and every other person in Ave can put their hand on my stomach a feel his movements, but not like I can. That's special. But, on the other hand, I'm kind of done. I'm ready for Corban to be here. The waiting game is killer. The Dr. says he can come anytime, so every day we wait. People keep asking why I'm still around work and "how much longer..." Trust me people, I'll have this baby as soon as I can!!! I suppose in the mean time I'll just pace around his room, pack and re-pack my hospital bag and make sure I'm not forgetting anything and carry on. He'll be here in God's perfect time.

This past Sunday Jamon and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! WHOA. We had big plans to go to the beach and eat breakfast listening to the waves and spend the day doing nothing after that. But we thought that even more enjoyable than going to the beach was sleeping in. So we slept in then went to Mass. After Mass I made breakfast (delish breakfast tacos) and he worked on school stuff.  I went to the grocery store and then started making dinner as per Jamon's request. I made brisket, twice baked potatos, broccoli and cheese and a homeade carrot cake for dessert. SO GOOD! I had to pat myself on the back after such a feast. And for Jamon's gift to me, he cleaned the kitchen. It was awesome! Then we were in bed by 8pm... perfect! Watched a movie and called it a night. SUCH a good day of doing nothing. We never get days like that anymore and we cherished every second. We decided to for-go gifts and instead write love notes. I love, love notes. Jamon is great at writing them and I love every special day since I get one... sometimes I even get a love note for no reason stuck to my side of the mirror. He's amazing. Jamon also surprised me with a dozen roses, which I'm still enjoying. I love flowers.

Ohhhhh, on a totally unrelated note, I think pregnancy is causing my clumsiness to come out more. Last week I needed to trim my eyebrows. Thanks to the Bodman fam I've got some beastly brows that tend to have a mind of their own. Anyway, as I went to trim them I grabbed the scissors and realized that they were broken in half, yet still put back in their place. Hmmmm, thanks Jamon. So, in desperation I grabbed the electric razor. You can imagine what happened next. As I was carefully trimming away at the ridiculously long eyebrow stragglers my hand slipped and in a flash a nice chunk from the middle of my eye brow was missing!!!!!!! HORRIBLE! So noticeable. Truly... even Jamon noticed. What to do???? I'm late for work, have never owned an eyebrow pencil in my life and had to go to the next best thing... eyeliner. So yes, I colored in my missing eyebrow chunk with an eyeliner pencil that is about 4 shades to dark and prayed I didn't forget and rub my eyebrows, thus causing huge smearage and more unneccesary embarassment. You'll be pleased to know that so far no one has noticed, or atleast mentioned, a noticable change in my appearance and the eyeliner pencil seems to be holding up just fine. Hopefull all will be grown in before too long! Oh the mis-hap.

Anyway,  I'm feeling pretty exhausted and as I re-read this post I realize how scattered and poorly written it probably seems. Folks, I'm just trying to keep you up to date. I can't promise good writing or grammer. :) On that note, I'm out. Bedtime for me.

Please say an extra prayer for Jamon, Corban and me in the upcoming week(s) as we joyfully anticipate his arrival... and the arrival of Corban's two AWESOME grandma's. We can't wait to see them!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mountain climbing

What a week it has been. I meant to write last night, but the house was full of boys and basketball so I was busy in the kitchen making cookies. I made yummy cake batter cookies with choc frosting. (Great idea Trish) They were a hit, I'm still #1 team mom and all is right in the world. Also yesterday I was able to have lunch with a bunch of the women's basketball team here at AMU. I'm their assigned "mentor" meaning basically I'm around and available if they need anything. What a great group of girls. For lunch I ran up the road to Immokalee and picked up some DELISH nachos for everyone. Chips, beans, cheese, fajita meat, jalapenos, guac, lettuce... you name it, it was on there!  Mmmmmmm. Yum. Makes me miss Texas food, especially Austin food. I do think Austin, Texas has the best food ever. All of it, any restaurant, I love it.

So Tuesday Jamon and I went to the Dr. for my check-up. My amazing Dr, who I'm SO thankful for said everything is perfect and we can start expecting Corban to make his arrival in 2-7 weeks. 2 weeks I can handle. 7 I can not. I'm trying to work out a deal with Corban that he arrives around the beginning of November, after the 7th (basketball home game) and before the 13th (basketeball away game.) If he can come then we'll all be happy. We'll see how my negotiating skills with unborn babies are. ;) In the end, I'm putting my money on that he'll come when he's good and ready and none of my negotiating with him of God will make any difference. But Corban... please be aware that your grandma's have already purchased their plane tickets and will be super bummed if you're not here yet. :) (guilt... we'll see how that works in utero)

Wednesday our chiropractor came by. Love him. Dr. Roland makes house calls in Ave and is fantastic. So good and knowledgeable. I wish everyone could be adjusted by him. We were talking about the pregnancy and he made a comment I'd like to share here. He said that studies show that women in pregnancy expend as much energy doing close to nothing as a mountain climber climbing a mountain does. YES!!!!! Repeat, I'M EXHAUSTED... like I've climbed a mountain and I haven't done anything. It all makes sense. Thank you Dr. Roland for making me feel more normal and less like a tired bum. Thank you Corban for zapping all energy I have.

Next weekend Jamon and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary. ONE YEAR!!! We talked about it last night and are so clueless as of what to do. Any ideas? suggestions? I'll probably end up cooking something yummy at home and we'll hang out, maybe go for a walk. Maybe even a picnic on the beach. In the end, I'm sure it will be perfect as long as we can hang out. He's my best friend and I could do anything or nothing with him and be happy. God is so good and I am SO thankful for our marriage.

I'll end a with a quote I have on my office wall... If He asks much it is because He knows you can give much. - Pope John Paul II

(I know it has nothing to do with my post, but I like the quote. Enjoy)


Thursday, October 8, 2009

not "lettin it go" at the end

For all of your viewing pleasure... here is a taste of a lil workout. Staged just for you. This evening I actually ended up doing a lil 8 mile bike ride. It was so pretty outside I just couldn't resist. Here I am in all my glory at 35 weeks pregnant. Getting ready for a lil workout. :)

Bicep curl. Whew.

Push-up on a stability ball. Good for the core, back and arms. :)

And for good measure a squat... which is actually very awkward as a preggo lady.


Oh sheesh... have some pregnancy hormones. Today is a good day. Yesterday and the day before were an emotional roller coaster when the world is topsy turvy and ugly. Thankfully I have an understanding hubby who just smiles when he asks how my day is and my answer is a grunt. His suggestion is always the same... Jess, what are you thankful for? What are the good things in your life? Think about that, not what's making you grumpy. And truth be told... I have got a WHOLE lot to be thankful for. So, praise the Lord for everything He's given me.

Alright, I'm fixin to head out to the gym now. Nothing better than seeing a 35 week pregnant girl with a squat bar. I'll see if I can have Jamon take a picture so you can all see me in my glory. :) I figure I've got 5 more weeks to go and I'm determined not to let myself go in the home stretch. (Except for the occasional bowl of ice cream... delish!!!! And I'm still craving donuts. I love a cake donut with chocolate frosting... my total weakness!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ladies getting ready to head out to my Dallas baby shower. So fun and so blessed with such wonderful family.
LOVE this pic of Jamon and me with Corban's Grandma's and Grandpa's. Think they're excited?? Check out dads face. Classic.

Our date night... dinner and then a walk on the beach at sunset. here I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Florida is beautiful.

Here we go again...

I'm not even going to pretend to play "catch up" on this blog. So much time has passed and so much has happened. I am however feeling convicted to pick up this blogging thing again. Jamon and I are having a lil boy in about a month and I want to make this a place to keep family and friends up to date with how he's growing and how our life in Florida is going.

Corban Xavier is our baby's name. He is "due" on November 13th... the feast of St. Francis Xavier. Pleas say a prayer that his delivery is uneventful and we have a healthy, happy baby. Corban is the name we chose and many people have asked us where it came from. Truth be told, it's the name of a Christian bookstore in Coppell that I like. Over a year ago my mom asked the owner why the name "Corban." She said it was straight from the bible and also the name of their son. I've liked it ever since. Corban is from Mark 7:11. It means given to God. Yes sir... our lil boy - Given to God!

Florida is beautiful and we are reminded with each sunset how blessed we are to be here. A professor at the University said it best... the beauty of Florida is in the sky. It's true. You've never seen such beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Yes, I do see my fair share of sunrises. Jamon gets up at 5am every morning for basketball practice... so since the alarm is blaring (He sets at least 2!) I'm awake. Some days (most days) it's easy to fall back asleep, but other days - pre-pregnancy, it was much easier to just get up then and go for a morning jog. There is nothing quite so beautiful as running home when the sun starts rising and you've got some great "Mercy Me" jamming out in the i-pod. Moments like that are to be cherished.

I wish I had kept this blog during my pregnancy. I'd have so much to say. Pregnancy is an interesting time that no book or friend or mom can prepare you for. It's been emotional... but I LOVE it. Seriously... I know Corban will be here soon and I'm so thankful, but I already know in my heart I'm going to miss not being pregnant with him anymore. A dear friend pointed out to me that missing being pregnant is just the beginning. Not long after he's born I'll miss when he doesn't fit in the little 0-3 month clothes we have for him, then I'll miss when he woke up all the time and then he'll start to roll and crawl and I'll miss when he was just a lil infant... and so it goes. this is just the beginning of needing to cherish every moment and know that it's not going to be forever like I'd like. No original thoughts here... there are at least two country songs that come to mind about this exact thing - Darius Rucker - it won't be like this for long... and another by some girl who sings about wishing things would go faster and everyone telling her "You're gonna miss this... you're gonna want this back..." can't remember the name of the song or the girl. Oh well.

I'm gonna go and hug my hubby now. I love this time in our lives.I'm also thankful this blog is resurrected so i can write.

Pray for us we'll pray for you.