Tuesday, February 22, 2011

kisses, workouts and sweet, sweet jeans.

Sweet, sweet kisses. My most cherished gifts from Corban. On valentines day this year my lil boy gave me his very first kiss. How did he know? That lil Romeo.

Every night before bed when we say good-night to Jesus, Corban kisses the crucifix but never his momma. That's okay I figure. As long as he loves Jesus. Well, Valentines night he kissed Jesus then put his hand around my neck and gave me the sweetest little kiss on my cheek. I melted. Seriously. Tears started welling up in my eyes. Oh to live that moment over and over again. Then Corban went back into his "no kisses for mom" ways until yesterday. Jamon was fixing to leave to take Corban to school and told him to "Go tell Mommy bye bye and you love her." So Corban went on his mission and found me getting ready for work. I bent down to kiss him bye and he threw both hands around my neck and kissed me on the cheek... TWICE! Oh the glory. Then he waved bye bye and walked away. Please stop little boy... stop growing up so fast. Love.

Valentines day was really nice this year. Jamon is not big on the day, but I love it. I'm sure it comes from growing up with a dad who always gave me a card and chocolates and a mom who made sure the day was special. This year I wasn't expecting anything from Jamon, maybe a special dinner request... but nothing fancy. Boy did he surprise me. That Casanova booked us for a dinner cruise. He took care of the babysitter and everything. I had no idea what we were doing until we got to Marco Island to the dock. So surprised and so awesome. The sunset was gorgeous, the food was delicious and the company was incomparable. It was such a nice time, just the two of us. I love that man.
Sunset cruise. Pre-sunset.

Lately I've been trying to figure out Jamon's love language. (Side note: if you haven't read "The five languages of love", you need to. So good) He says he's all of them, and in truth, we probably all are a little bit. But I'm trying to find the dominant one. I think I've finally got it. Jamon's Love language is working out. I kid you not. I think he feels most loved when we work out together, or shoot, even when I work out alone. I mentioned it the other day and he lit up "Eureka" style and agreed. So, in an act of love, this past Sunday I indulged Jamon in an outdoor work out. Weather was perfect and Corban was sleeping. We did 100 (YES 100) lunges and 105 burpees. My burpees were modified of course. My pregnant belly can't be jumping all over the place. My glutes are still burning today. I love you Jamon... I'll aahve the muscle tone to prove it too. :)

After our lunges and workout Hercules here decided to do some double-unders. Beast.

My 31 week pregnant belly showing the huz some love with a 45 lb bar. Relax... I did the 100 lunges with a 15 lb bar... the 45 was for show.  

J Brand maternity jeans... yes please.
On another note I'd like to mention here how stinking hard it is to find maternity jeans that are not frumpy. Now don't get me wrong, I find an over the belly panel as comfortable as the next girl... but stylish in those pants, no way. I'm here now to impart on you something I've recently discovered. Maternity jeans that are so cute and comfortable that you could actually tuck a shirt into them if you wanted. (I only know this cause Angelina Jolie did... I saw it on people.com) the J BRAND maternity jeans are amazing. The pockets stretch. Genius. The bad news... those puppies are expensive. GAG! But my dear friend eBay allowed me a pair at a fraction of the cost. Thank you eBay! I am loving maxin' and relaxin' with my big ole belly in those heavenly jeans.

That's all I've got for tonight. Time to make some dinner for myself and clean up the house. Corban is asleep and Jamon is at an away basketball game.

Here are just a few more recent pics.

After our beastly workout we decided to go to the beach.. obviously to show off our now beach ready bods. (JUST kidding)

Daddy and Corban play in the water. Corban loved the beach. Definitely a Florida baby. He's got a wicked farmers tan to prove it.

These feet. I kiss them everyday. This is how he always sits in his high chair. Feet crossed as much as those chubby little legs allow. kiss kiss kiss.

Tonight during dinner right after bath time. Such a happy boy with his milk.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

80 degrees... I love you Florida.

It never fails. I whine and feel sorry for myself and God laughs and shows me how to look at the brighter side, to realize just how truly good I have it. He also faithfully hugs me.

Not long after my last post I came across this gem: http://mychildiloveyou.blogspot.com/2011/02/emotions-of-mother.html HELLO!!!!! Spoken directly to me. Please note emotion #2. Perfection and validation. Truly, motherhood is a roller coaster... and I'm only 14 months in. :)

Also, after my lil heart sadness I was blessed to spend time with some wonderful women like 4 days in a row. Nice. I know God just smiles and says "See, you're not alone."

I wish I had some pics to post of Corban. We've been playing outside A LOT lately. Like before and after every nap. The weather is beautiful and we're definitely taking advantage of it. But rather than snap pics, I just play. Oh well. I wish I had a personal photographer who could follow me and CX around... along with a personal DJ. That would be awesome.

On a different note... today I googled "plush crucifix." Why? Corban has taken to only going to bed if he's holding a crucifix. Now this is all well and good and I'm glad he's chosen Jesus as his "cling to" item... but a crucifix to sleep. It makes me nervous. Those are not the softest things to snuggle with. Sadly, I cannot find any. The closest I came was the "Wee Believers" Mass kit. But that crucifix won't cut it. If you come across or think of anything, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to have to get all crafty and figure something out on my own. Chances of that turning out well are not good. I'm about as not crafty as they come.

Off to the laundry room I go. I'm trying to get a grip on the massive amounts of clothes Corban and Jamon go through in a given day. I'm talking 2-3 outfits a day a piece. They must think I'm gross. I can sport the same get up for a couple days in a row no problem. Ugh. Time to go make it all Downy Fresh.

A couple pics, no reason, they're just semi recent. :)

Corban living the life. Snoozing while we go on our family bike ride last weekend. Looks comfortable eh?!  

CX wondering why I'm taking his pic... it's because he had just busted his lip and refused to stop playing. This pic went to Jamon to prove that his son is as tough as they come. A lil blood never stopped anyone. Also, please look at his chubby lil fingers. AHHHHH, I LOVE them.  

Jamon and his team getting a play together the last minute of a game. It was a nail biter.

"FAMILY" - that's how the team "breaks out" every huddle (Is it called a huddle in basketball?) These boys are definitely part of our family. Proud of all of them.