Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Basketball Boys

Tonight is the last basketball game. It's been an incredible season for those guys. We started out as a first year program with only 2 guys returning from the previous year (pre NAIA) and managed to make our way to the # 4 spot in our conference. Granted it's a 4 way tie... but who cares... FOURTH!!!!! I'm such a proud team mom. I really do love those guys and am so thankful that they're here. I think sometimes I question how good this school is and if it really makes a difference in any of the lives of these young men. Jamon mentioned the other day that one of his players had gone to confession for the first time in years and over half of his guys attend daily Mass. I guess that answers my question. If our goal and especially Jamon's is to help form these young men into Godly men and get them to heaven then we really couldn't be in a better place. Now I have to take a moment to brag ... Today I was going to the cafeteria to pick up the food for the guys for their trip to Tampa for the game. I find Chuck (the head cafeteria guy) and introduce myself. He says "Now Jess, I need you to know something, players are a reflection of their coach. A solid and as true as they come reflection. I can always tell a lot about a coach before I meet him just by observing his players and I need you to know that your boys are far and above the best young men I've come across and it is a true reflection and testament to coach copeland. He's as good as they come." you know my wife pride and team mom pride jsut swelled up... i was lucky my big ole head could even get back into the car.
Ohhh... to funny.... today when I went to pick up Corban from Jamon's office after I got off of work I found Jamon but no corban. I looked around a bit more and found him sitting outside with the basketball boys. He was laying down on Colin's lap and they were all talking to him. So cute. So I as I went to get him to go Jamon informs me I need to run some errands for him before I take CX. "He'll be fine with the guys Jess... just go." So I go. When I return 10 minutes later more players had gathered and Corban was the center of attention. As I approached, Colin informed me "the sucker thing (pacifier) dropped on the ground, but it's like a 5 second rule right?" Uh, sure Colin. I don't think a little dirt will hurt him. Then as I went to get CX to go home Colin says "Mrs. Copeland" (as his hands are in the air) I don't really know how to move him, so you're just going to have to pick him up." I laughed... no wonder the poor kid hadn't moved off of Colin's lap since he'd been put there. HA. I really do love those guys. They also were adamant that I drop off Corban at the dorm one of these days. They want to watch him. I'm on to their wiley ways... I'm thinking CX is a chick magnet if I've ever seen one.

Corban took his first plane ride a few weeks ago. I wish I had a picture of it. I had my camera... but to my dismay (and the stranger I asked to take our pic) it was out of batteries. UGH. And he was so cute. He's a great little traveler and didn't cry or fuss the whole plane ride. We arrived in Dallas for some Copeland time and then went to Oklahoma for some Bodman time. Corban got to meet his Grandpa Bodman for the first time, as well as his Aunt Theresa and Uncle Troy. It was a beautiful time and such a gift to spend time with them. While we were in Dallas we also got to Stef and baby blackwell bump and Luke. So great! friends are such a blessing.

So I recently joined a website that reaches out to wives of coaches. It's called "Married to the Game." It is a constant reminder of how blessed I am. So many of the posts are about what it's like to be a coaches wife, which seems to be synonymous with single parent. Now I know coaches travel a lot... A LOT. and if you're an assistant coach then you travel even more for recruiting and stuff. It is a huge blessing that Jamon is in Ave where he can make his own schedule and even bring Corban to work with him. He's quickly become the athletic office mascot... Not sure how long that will last since last meeting he exploded. (poopy)Poor Jamon... and corby. :)

I made brownies last week...two boxes worth. And cookies the day after that... 72 of them. Yes, it was film time for the basketball team. Jamon was a little frustrated with the guys and said they needed to play like men and to make them "Man food." The only think that came to mind was steak and potatoes. I'm not making steak, but I can definitely bake 17 potatoes. So i did. delicious red potatoes, cut in half with butter on each side and a slice of onion, salt and pepper in the middle, wrapped in foil and cooked for an hour. SO GOOD. So when I took them out of the oven to get ready to give to the guys Jamon tasted one and made the split decision that those potatoes were too good for the team. i needed to throw some cookies in the oven. And yes folks, I had 17 potatoes that went straight into the fridge. We had baked potatoes with every meal. Eggs and potatoes, chili and potatoes, potatoes and potatoes.

Valentines day has come and gone. Just so it's out there, I love valentines day. my dad always made it very special for us growing up. When we woke up there was a box of chocolates at our place at the tables as well as a card that dad picked out juuuuuust for me. Mom made the table look pretty with a valentines table cloth and on occasion there were flowers. I love it. Dad is so good and this year I got my card in the mail, and much to my surprise so did Corban and Jamon. I loved it. Definitely my favorite part of the day. Jamon and I didn't really do anything. He bought me roses the day before and I made a carrot cake... and at the end of our busy day we looked at each other and said "You know I love you right? Yes! And you know I love you? Yep! Well Happy Valentines day babe." I think we need a date or something.

As I go back and read my posts I realize more and more that I am a rambler and not a very organized writer. Thanks for bearing through these... I've just got to get something written.

As Trish and I have taken to saying "sacraficial Lent." (since "Happy Lent" doesn't quite work like Merry Christmas or Happy day!) May each day bring you closer to Christ.


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Love your new header picture! I missed Corban in Dallas, when are you coming back!!

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