Sunday, March 21, 2010


Nothing new to post really. I just have some new cute pics of Corbs I wanted to put up. :) One of these days I'll have someone take a pic of CX and me. 
Ohhhhhh, good news. I start my new job tomorrow. YEA for working in athletics. It's truly where I belong.
I love my life. Really love it.

Jamon is an amazing husband and phenomenal father.
Corban is incredible and I'm amazed by how much my heart can love every day.

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Lori said...

New job? What will you be doing? I didn't know that team Mom was a paid gig? haha

Corbin cute as ever. I got to hold Levi Bonnot yesterday. Son to one of Brenton's friends, Derric and Megan. Three weeks old, he slept. Eye peek one time.

Enjoy, Lori