Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One of those days

I've been admonished. Not nearly enough blogging. Oh boy do I have admiration for those who can blog every day or every week or even every month. I just don't feel witty enough most of the time. Oh well.

So a couple of weeks ago was a day from you know where. Seriously. Let me lay this out for you. Jamon had an away game so I was going to be on task for picking up Corban from school. No big deal. Jamon was leaving for the game at noon, I needed to pick up Corban at 12:30. Cx and I would then spend the day together, playing, laughing, baking cookies. Who knows. Needless to say, the day did not infact go that way. I got stuck at work and was late picking up Corban from school. Thankfully, he loves school and didn't even notice. I was the only one  frazzed out.  As we arrive home I'm thinking about the things I need to take care of asap. Corban needs a diaper change, he needs to eat, I need to eat and then a nap for both of us. Ohhhhhh, if only it were that easy. As I, with hands full, approach the door to go in I realize it's locked. LOCKED. The door into the house is locked, the front door is locked, the back door is locked. I do not have a key to the house. (don't ask... I've since remedied the situation.) I call Jamon in hopes that he had left his car keys with the house key on them on his desk. No such luck. My only option... trying to catch Jamon who had already been driving for an hour. I was slightly less than thrilled. I finally convinced Jamon that I was not going to catch up to him since he was a solid hour ahead of me and rather, he needed to drop the keys off at the first place he saw. I would drive there, get them and drive home. All in all it was looking like a 3 hour round trip. All this with a baby in a soggy diaper,(the diaper bag was locked in the house), no pacifier,  no food for either of us, a cranky driver and baby. Oh well. Off I went. As I'm driving and Corban is screaming I realize the car is on empty. SWEET. We get gas, corban falls asleep for about 15 minutes. ahhhh, peace and quite. Then I get stuck behind an RV towing a car and three canoes going about 20 mph below the speed limit. Seriously... if I was holier I wouldve shaved off some serious purgatory time. Rather I just cursed under my breath. THEN a cop pulls behind me with his lights on. SERIOUSLY. I'm going below the speed limit, everything is up to date. WHAT???? Turns out he thought the window tint on the Tahoe was too dark. He even brought out a special little tool to test it. Sure enough, illegal windows. Thanks sir. Yep, in the 8 years my husband has had this car no one has every mentioned it. But I'm definitely glad you did today. Slow day on the road? Oh well, no ticket, just a warning and a now screaming baby since Mr. Cop decides it would be fun to try to chat it up with him through the back window. Off we go. Jamon had called to say he found a red and white bus that served food and he dropped the keys off there. The lady didn't speak any english, but he felt confident the keys would be fine and I'd get them. About 30 minutes later I arrive at the bus. Some sweet smiling lady is dangling my keys out of the bus window. Awww, she must've known they were mine. Was it the way I screeched into the "parking lot" or perhaps the way my face screamed exasperation. Needless to say, I said muchos gracias and turned around for the hour and a half drive home. now my mind turned to what has to happen when i get there. My dad and brother were arriving from OKC that evening so I needed to change the sheets, vacuum etc... but first I had to take care of CX and eat. We get home, I take care of CX and make myself a bagel... as I'm sitting down to eat, I figure I'd better check the flight to make sure it's not late. no it's not late it's 30 MINUTES EARLY... time to leave. The bagel gets scarfed, CX gets some food in the car and the house is not vacuumed. We're late getting Dad and Jake... but we make it. And the rest of the night goes smoothly. It was a ridiculous day. At every turn I was calling my sister... can you believe this? We both kept waiting for the next thing to happen... and it did not. Oh well. I can laugh now. God is good and nothing was seriously wrong. Corban handled it all like a champ and I teetered on crazy and champ. Whew. glad it was done and I could enjoy the weekend with my dad and brother.


Jen said...

You, my dear, crack me up. Love and hugs!

Dianne D said...

LOVE your blog, your pics, LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! So excited about the new lil' one! Treasure these times. I know you are!! Love to you,