Saturday, February 5, 2011

80 degrees... I love you Florida.

It never fails. I whine and feel sorry for myself and God laughs and shows me how to look at the brighter side, to realize just how truly good I have it. He also faithfully hugs me.

Not long after my last post I came across this gem: HELLO!!!!! Spoken directly to me. Please note emotion #2. Perfection and validation. Truly, motherhood is a roller coaster... and I'm only 14 months in. :)

Also, after my lil heart sadness I was blessed to spend time with some wonderful women like 4 days in a row. Nice. I know God just smiles and says "See, you're not alone."

I wish I had some pics to post of Corban. We've been playing outside A LOT lately. Like before and after every nap. The weather is beautiful and we're definitely taking advantage of it. But rather than snap pics, I just play. Oh well. I wish I had a personal photographer who could follow me and CX around... along with a personal DJ. That would be awesome.

On a different note... today I googled "plush crucifix." Why? Corban has taken to only going to bed if he's holding a crucifix. Now this is all well and good and I'm glad he's chosen Jesus as his "cling to" item... but a crucifix to sleep. It makes me nervous. Those are not the softest things to snuggle with. Sadly, I cannot find any. The closest I came was the "Wee Believers" Mass kit. But that crucifix won't cut it. If you come across or think of anything, let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to have to get all crafty and figure something out on my own. Chances of that turning out well are not good. I'm about as not crafty as they come.

Off to the laundry room I go. I'm trying to get a grip on the massive amounts of clothes Corban and Jamon go through in a given day. I'm talking 2-3 outfits a day a piece. They must think I'm gross. I can sport the same get up for a couple days in a row no problem. Ugh. Time to go make it all Downy Fresh.

A couple pics, no reason, they're just semi recent. :)

Corban living the life. Snoozing while we go on our family bike ride last weekend. Looks comfortable eh?!  

CX wondering why I'm taking his pic... it's because he had just busted his lip and refused to stop playing. This pic went to Jamon to prove that his son is as tough as they come. A lil blood never stopped anyone. Also, please look at his chubby lil fingers. AHHHHH, I LOVE them.  

Jamon and his team getting a play together the last minute of a game. It was a nail biter.

"FAMILY" - that's how the team "breaks out" every huddle (Is it called a huddle in basketball?) These boys are definitely part of our family. Proud of all of them.

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