Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Jesus" *smile*

I seriously love my life.

It's Sunday morning, 9am. I just laid Corban down for a quick nap before Mass. Jamon is recruiting in Boston and I'm sitting here on the couch with some of my favorite tunes on in the background. The only thing that would be better is if Jamon was here. :)

This is bound to be a bit random but I just need to share... Lately I've been pondering my walk with God... like does striving to be a good wife and mom count enough to get me into heaven? Should I be thinking about getting to heaven every day? Does a "Good morning Jesus, we love you" with Corban count as my morning prayer? In all my thinking and praying I've decided that it takes more. I'm pretty complacent. Like I said before, I seriously love my life. However, I know God calls us to more, to be active. My first priority should be HIM, then my husband and baby boy. I'm feeling pretty convicted on the order of my priorities. What can I do? daily Mass doesn't work cause I'm working. (Jamon and Corban go daily though. I love those guys!) there is a perpetual adoration chapel across the street, literally a stones throw from my office... I should be in there more. At least to say "Hi" to our Lord. Spiritual reading... don't a lot of the saints talk about spiritual reading? Is there spiritual reading for wives and moms? I want something good, something that will really challenge me to live my life with a stronger purpose of getting to heaven. Sometimes I get a little concerned about praying for specific things... lately I had been praying for charity and patience... never again. ;) Jesus is just giving me opportunity after opportunity to practice it. Enough please. Anyway... say a prayer and throw any advice out there for me. I love Jesus, but I've got to get more on top of my walk with Him. My husband and son certainly deserve a Godly wife and mom. I've got to get on it.

Anyway... ready for a cute lil Corban moment? So every morning when Corban gets up we chat for little bit, and then when I pick him up we walk to the crucifix above his bed, touch the feet of Jesus and say "Good morning Jesus, we love you. Thank you for a good night." We've been doing this for a while. Now when I pick Corban up out of bed he looks directly at the cross and reaches for it. We also have a crucifix in our living room and if I ask him, "Where's Jesus?" he'll scan the room, find Jesus and smile. It warms my heart so much. I tear up just about every day.

Here are a couple of pics we've taken recently.

The first one is of the three of us at the "Firecracker 5K" we ran on the 4th of July. Corban's (And mine) first 5K. the kiddo slept through over half of the race. I told him it was okay... he was just good and loose. :) We finished in like 28 minutes... the guys could have left me in the dust, but thankfully Jamon hung back with me so we could run (jog) as a fam. It was a great time. The second pic is of Corban eating a lime. This was a huge letdown. We gave him a lime, camcorder ready for the "Hilarious" expression he was bound to make. Nope, nothing. he LOVED the lime. I think it's his new favorite fruit.


Stefani said...

This certainly brought a smile to both of our faces this morning. I love that lil man and those baby blues. I hope to be seeing you very soon ;) I LOVE YOU, SISTER!

Lori said...

How can you stand it, he is so adorable! Makes me smile to se him.

Jen said...

I've seen a book around SJN called "The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood." You can get it off Amazon for 66 cents. :) I've never looked through it, but it seems like an easy place to start? As long as you're thirsting for spiritual growth, you'll always be in the right place. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

From Mrs. Czarka: HI Jessica...LOVE your blog...shared with my daughter/granddaughter the "Good Morning to Jesus" at the crucifix!! BEAUTIFUL! Apostolate of Holy Motherhood is a CLASSIC! SO WORTH 66 cents! So many GREAT titles at Circle Press @
Here are some newer ones I have found:
*Small Steps for Catholic Moms by Danielle Bean & Elizabeth Foss. (Comes with a Companion Journal!)
*Meditations for Mothers by Fr. John Bartunek
*Grace Cafe and The Domestic Church Room by Room BOTH by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle
*Spiritual Progress by Fr. Thomas Williams
Hope you enjoy these...have found them simple and great resources! God Bless You on this journey of Holy Motherhood.

Anonymous said...

Read The Feminine Appeal. It takes you through the 7 virtues of a Godly wife and mother found in Titus 2. Read it with a group of ladies. I've been really blessed, encouraged and challenged by the chapters in this book.