Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sweet baby reminders

Children have an uncanny ability to remind you about what's important in life.

The past week or so I have been beyond stressed with a project at work. This is good and bad. Good because I have an innate need to make sure everything is perfection. Bad because nothing will be perfection. Good, because even though it won't go perfectly... it'll come close. :) Anyway, yesterday I was at my peak of frustration/ exhaustion/ stress. I brought all of those emotions home from work with me. I was late coming home from work so Corban was late getting the rest of his lunch and his nap was thrown off kilter. To top it off his mom was a wreck. Stressed, stressed stressed. Corban decided yesterday after I came home that no nap was in order, in fact no moment away from me would do. He needed to be touching me at all times.  This skyrocketed my stress level as all I could think about was how much I needed him to take a nap so I could finish my work. Finally, I surrendered. A moment of clarity brought about the realization that I didn't need to worry so much about work. The important "things" in life were right in front of me. Corban was stubbornly reminding me that HE was the important part of my life, not work. HE needed my attention, not work, and HE will be here everyday needing my attention... again, not work. Got it kiddo. I surrendered and we rocked. We read stories, we went to the chapel to say "Hi" to Jesus and we rocked some more.  Thank you sweet baby boy for reminding me about what's important.
Today when I went in to work everything was fine. Everything got done and all is well. When I came home from work on time, Corban was happy, he ate and now he's sleeping. Whew. Lesson learned.


Lori said...

Could a baby be any cuter! My baby moves home this weekend to job hunt. Time flies when your are having fun!

Christine Huber said...

Crying happy tears for this beautiful lesson! Thank you Corban for teaching such important lessons. Jessica, you're doing great. LOVE the's like you're actually talking! :)

brief moments of clarity. said...

So sweet :) It's hard to believe we can forget, at times, what's importantm but we all do! I'm glad little Corbs is there to help :)

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL, painfull, inspiring story, Jess! THANKS for sharing your journey! ♥Mom