Friday, December 4, 2009

cookies, triathlons and saints

Today the basketball team is coming over to break down film... they just may have to do without cookies. poor boys. Here's the deal... they win on Saturday and I'll make cookies. deal? deal!

So in an effort to have some domesticity in my life, this morning I made banana bread and did laundry... thank the Lord Corban is a sleeper. :) It felt good to get things done and not just sit around and stare at Corban (which I still do a good portion of the time. Hours in fact.)

Lately Jamon has taken to teaching Corban how to prepare for Triathlons. By the time Corban is 1 he should be fully aware and able to repeat to you all of his major muscle groups (thanks dad) as well as tell you how to start out swimming, when to take a break, how to pass people on the bike and lastly how to win the Triathlon by really kicking up his running pace at the end. I sure hope Corban likes athletic stuff, otherwise, Jamon and I will need to learn how to like art or music, or whatever it is Corban likes. I am hopeful this lil champ is going to be athletic. Already on Monday he rolled over from front to back with no assistance. YEA!!!!! 15 days old and rolling over.  I was reading on blogs last night about baby milestones and they say it's typically 3-5 months before babies can roll.  Well , perhaps Corban is a bit advanced. Hahahahaha. yes, i am THAT mom. My perfect little advanced boy.

I think I'll go organize something now. So domestic... I really am in my element.

Oh, side note... yesterday was the feast of St. Francis Xavier. Here is a link all about the good man. He is Corban's patron saint so we told him allll about him yesterday. We tell Corban often he'll get to be the first St. Corban if he lives his life right. :)


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Lori Kees said...

I read somewhere that you can have your blog made into a book at the end of the year. What a great baby book each year for Corban. Love getting your updates. Enjoy the season.