Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catch up...

It's 1:00 am and I can't sleep a wink. You know that uncomfortable feeling when everything in your body is restless? Your legs aren't comfy, the pillow isn't feeling right etc... ugh, That's me. And now I just watch my precious hours of sleep dwindle down until Corban wakes up around 6:30.  Looks like a nap for me tomorrow!

Oh well, this is a perfect time for me to write.

Corban had his second haircut this week. Although this one was the real deal. We went to the local salon and Yessinia did a great job. Corban was so good. I'm such a proud momma.

okay...I struggled to get that first paragraph out which leads me to believe that maybe this isn't the perfect time to write... I had full intentions of being thorough and witty, but even though my body isn't tired my head is. That being the case I'm just going to bullet point the things I've been wanting to write about.

1. Easter with the fam in OKC. Jamon, Corban and I traveled to Dallas and then to OK. It was such a wonderful time. I LOVE my family. Almost all of us where home.

2. When I left OKC I left with two little presents I didn't expect. Denise gave me her beautiful necklace because I had briefly mentioned how much I liked it. And Trish packed an amazing shirt in my suitcase without me knowing. They don't know this but I was and am so touched by their generosity. They simply gave. No strings attached and for no reason other than to make someone, me, happy. I think about those selfless little acts of generosity everyday. I love my sisters.

3. Corban and I went to Miami to see my dear friend Jen. We had such a good time hanging out at a lil cafe then shopping. I've missed her and seeing her was such a blessing in my life. God is good to me in the friend department.

4. I love working in the athletic department. It is so much more laid back and definitely up my alley.

5. Our dear friends Chris and Stef had their baby boy, Canon Dominic, this past Monday. SO EXCITING. He is so precious and I cannot wait to see him and hold him and smell him. I already miss having a little baby around. Babies snuggle. Corban is quickly growing out of his snuggle stage. :( Chris and Stef are Corban's God-parents, and now Jamon and I are Canon's God-parents. Our families will be forever connected. Awesome.

6. Corban loves the pool... but only if it's warm like bath water. We went swimming for the first time when we went to Orlando to see the Blackwells. It was fabulous and now I can hardly wait for the pools here to warm up so we can take Corbs more.

7. Jamon and I had our first date in like 7 months. We went to the Ritz in Naples and ate at the restaurant there called Gumbo Limbo. We were able to catch the sun setting over the water. So glorious. God does amazing work!

8. Fridays I get together with other moms and kiddos. It's the highlight of my week. Because of these moms I really enjoy living in Ave. I love sipping my coffee and swapping baby stories with them. They are such a blessing in my life.

9.My cooking has really stunk lately. Now don't get me wrong, i haven't made anything bad, I just haven't been cooking. I've got to get back on that culinary horse. I think it'll be easier when recruiting season is over and Jamon is actually around for dinner. It's hard to be motivated to cook something delish when I'm only cooking for myself. I'm happy with a grilled turkey and cheese.

okay, I'm going to go stretch and hope it knocks me out. Here are a few more random pics to enjoy.

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Lori said...

You were up late and I am up early. I can't believe that is the same child sitting in that salon chair. What a difference a few weeks can make, when they are that tiny and growing fast. Still can't wait to hold him, you better swear to make Pam call me next time you are in town. Enjoy your weekend.