Tuesday, May 18, 2010


While we were on our trip to Texas we we're so blessed to see all three of our God-Children. Jamon and I consider ourselves extremely blessed to have these three precious angels and their families in our lives. We pray for each of them every single day. We definitely do not get to see them nearly enough so these visits were such a treat.

First is Hayley Anne - also known as Lunkins. She's the youngest and feistiest of my nieces. She is so funny, such an entertainer and so full of energy and life. She is so quick to give hugs and kisses.  I love my lunkins. My brother Jake is her God-Father, but Jamon claims her anyway. :)


Next is Tate Russell, also fondly called Tater-tot or All State Tate. He is Russ and Amber's little boy. Jamon and Russ were both assistant coaches at Texas State together. Tate is an absolute hoot. His energy is out of control. Amber told me this past weekend that he was eating bacon and steak at 8 months. He is a big boy with a big heart. I'm crazy about this kiddo.

Our newest God-Son is Canon Dominic. We have a very special bond with the Blackwells. Chris and Stef (Canon's parents) are Corban's God-Parents. This past weekend was the first time we got to meet Canon and it was love at first sight. He is so precious and perfect. Corban and Canon are only 6 months apart so I can hardly wait for our family vacations together. Those boys should know now that they will be friends for life.

Jamon and I are so honored and humbled and feel very blessed to have these three little souls co-entrusted to us. We take our job very seriously and pray incessantly for our God-babies. Their families are incredible and we love each of them so much.


Lori said...

Lynn and I go to hold and snuggle with Corban. He is just wonderful. I was afraid he was going to be walking before I met the little lad. MIssed seeing you two though, I believe Jamon was recruiting. Plus the free babysitting, you must take advantage whenever you can.

Stefani said...

You two are an amazing example for our baby. Thank you for being in our lives! We love you!