Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lemons to lemonade

Two weekends ago I had to bring "Lightfoot" our white car into the shop. It was supposed to be a 45 minute max oil change deal. Then I was going to go to Target, do a little shopping and head home. Instead, it turned into me waiting at the mechanics for an hour and a half and thennnnn they tell me that the car will be in the shop for the rest of the day. Needless to say, i was less than thrilled. But then swooped in my huz. I called Jamon and asked if he and Corban could come pick me up (a 45 minute drive from the house.) They did and I was in an ugly mood. So Jamon withouth missing a beat says "Jess, it's so pretty otuside and we're in Naples, let's go to Gumbo Limbos (the restaurant on the beach at the ritz)." whhhhaaaat? Out to lunch... for no reason. Sign me up. So Jamon, Corban and I went and had the best lunch. After lunch we brought Corban into the ocean for the first time. He didn't really seem to care either way. i was really hoping for some response, a laugh, a smile... something. we got nothing. Oh well, the weather was perfect, Corban was an angel and overall it ended up being an incredible afternoon. Jamon turned my lemony day into sweet lemonade.

The next day was mothers day and Jamon insisted that it be special. I was happy with lunch the day before. We ended up leaving Corban at my friend Amy's house to play and J and I went jet-skiing. It was definitely fun. I saw 2 dolphins and Jamon saw a big-ole sea turtle... or manatee. He wasn't sure. Then we went to whole foods and grabbed lunch and ate it on the beach. It was such a perfect day. We got home and Corban was an angel.

I absolutely LOVE my boys and love my life.

This past week we were in Dallas and New Braunfels celebrating my soon to be sister-in-laws college graduation. We had such a good time and are so thankful for Dad Copeland for flying us over. it was a wonderful vacation.

As always, it's good to be home. Jamon and I like having Corban on his routine and having our own space. I think I'll stick around Florida for a little while now. We do, after all live in paradise. Come visit!

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