Friday, June 10, 2011

a review in pics.

One day before labor ensued. Could it have been the sparkling wine that encouraged Blaise to come 2 weeks early?

BLAISE is here!!!! My heart grows. LOVE, love, love this little man.

I love my boys and their sweet special love for each other.

Blaise can sleep everywhere. He's three weeks old here.

First official family pic! Matchy match.


Feet. Ahhhh. Feet. I adore baby feet. Look how small and perfect.

My sweet littlest baby.

Handsome little man. I'm amazed by him daily.

Date night (kind of) at the athletic banquet. I worked, Jamon held Blaise, but we made do. Love this man.

stop it right now. 4 weeks already.

Corbans face, my face. Thankful he loves his brother so much but sometime have to raise my eyebrows at just how hard he loves him.

enough love to go around. snuggles for all the boys,

5 weeks., SERIOUSLY. you're almost out of newborn clothes kiddo. *sob*

Memorial day weekend at the beach. Please ignore my boxy hair-do... a she-mullet for sure. Someone please get me a mirror.

Corban is a beach baby for sure. He can't get enough of the sand and water.
Heading out.


Lori said...

Thanks for sharing pictures! It blondie Jamon and dark headed Brenton! How did you do that. Take care and have fun with all the boys.

Roxy said...

I bet there are quite a few babies out there (and some full grown men) who would kill for a head of hair like that.

Please share your secret in looking so amazing minutes before & after giving birth. My face continues to expand by the minute and I'm only 15 weeks.

Congrats on the handsome new member of the family!

Roxy @ TSKGS

Jen said...

i love reading your posts! i laugh out loud almost every time. you type just how you talk and i can just picture you saying everything like you're sitting right next to me. love. it.