Tuesday, July 8, 2008

internet time

Okay, here is the latest and greatest. I've just received the "norms" aka rules for my year as a co-worker. I'm allowed 1 hour of Internet a week. Today is my day. :) WOOOO! So you can expect updates around this time. Also, I'm not allowed real phone time so it will be quite difficult to keep with anyone except fam on the telephone. SO SAD. So please email me. Ill read and write back!!!

What's new here...

This weekend all of us girls are hosting a Mission weekend at a local parish. We will be doing door-to-door missions, youth activities, painting and repairing the parish, a pope party for kids, and a picnic for the whole parish are just among a few of the things we'll be doing. I'm excited for the opportunity to actually do some missionary work. :) Now you may be wondering what the door-to door missions are about. We don't go to evangelize. We more so knock on doors to ask for prayer intentions and to invite people to church. I'm leading the team that's working with the youth group at the parish (along with another girl who is awesome!) I guess when you put former youth minister on your application they figure you're good with teens... that and all of the other girls here are teens. :) My mission is clear.

I've got to tell you, Christ is working so intensely in my life. I never thought this would be so hard. I'm not sure why I thought it would be so easy though. I'm constantly humbled and reminded of my littleness. I've learned to seek much solace in God as I often feel confused and broken about what I'm doing.

It's been one week. ONE WEEK. Whoa.

I think I'll start writing little things on my notebook during the week so I'm more thorough in my update. It's hard to remember all of the little things when I'm trying to get everything done in an hour. Oh my.

Please know this... I know why I'm here. I have a joy and a peace. I'm excited about the opportunities I have to love. If I've figured out one thing so far... it's that my capacity to love truly is much more than I thought it was. When things get rough and I'm ready to throw in the towel on a daily basis... I first think, "I can do this out of love for Christ." That thought is immediately followed by "I can do this out of love for souls." I think of EACH person in my life. I think your name and I see your face. Out of love for you that you may live in a better world I'm here. Picturing each of you as better happier people because of anything I can offer up makes everything worthwhile. Know that your smiling faces and the love I have for you make this much easier and more worthwhile for me. I'm so thankful for the wonderful people God has placed in my life. Wow... what a difference it makes!

All my love,



Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU Jess! So proud of you and I think about you everyday!

I am putting NY out there in the Universe for you~
Love Denise

Krystle said...

We're all so proud of you Jess & talk about you every day! It's just not the same with out you & can't wait for the 360 Team to reunite!!

Love you,

Amber G. said...

love and miss you, dearest jess! :)

God Bless you always.

Anonymous said...

TKC! Dear Jessica, You remain in our daily prayers...for sure CHRIST will do great things in your life through this experience and it shows already! Remember always that HE will not be outdone in generosity...so be open to ALL THE GRACE that God has in store for you! Your beautiful focus on souls is what it truly is all about...in today's Gospel we are called to that radical self-giving! You will NEVER regret that you gave this time to HIM! God Bless You each and every day! IN Christ, the Czarka Family

Crisana said...


I think about you and pray for you all the time! We miss you soo very much!

I miss my Jbodman hugs! It's not the same!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

I love you Jess!