Saturday, July 5, 2008


OKay... I've got a bit more time now.

Counting today I've been here 5 days. Trust, it feels like an eternity. I miss Jamon, I miss my family and friends. I miss bell peppers and hummus and firemans 4. Most of those things are understandable... some are trivial. Really... I can live without beer. :) FOR SURE!!! Overall I will say that all is well though. I know that I'm supposed to be here so the joy is greater than anything else. Not just like regular happiness... but actual joy!

Yesterday was a great day It was the 4th of July and we all went to Lake Michigan and got to go to the beach and people watch and play volleyball and basketball. We also had a cookout. Mmmmm! Then we went to a different park and watched the fireworks. I'm so thankful to live in the country that I do. We should all be so thankful and give hugs to every service man or woman we ever see for sacraficing to make this country what it is. If I could insert music I'd be playing God Bless America or something wonderfully patriotic like that.

So maybe you're wondering what I do in a give day. I'll do my best to lay it ou for you.

I wake up at 6am and have some Jess time which usually involves push ups and sit ups - Thank you Jamon for inspiring a physically fit spirit in me. Ha. Then I get ready for the day go to morning prayer, mass and breakfast. After that I do laundry. I'm in charge of laundry for all 30 girls. I love it. really I do. Nothing like smelling downy fresh. After laundry we have a conference / lecture. We actually have 5 classes a day. They consist of Spirituality, Morality, Regnum Christi workshop, ECYD workshop and a Mystique Course. I love learning so this is great. We also have an hour of sports. I usualy play basketball and am getting back to being decent. :) I've got to wrap this up as free time is endning so I'll briefly lay out the other activities of the day. Mid day prayer, lunch, night prayer, dinner, night activity, more laundry sleep. I'm getting 8 hours a night which is awesome!

Next time I write I'll try to fill you in on the spiritual side of this whole misisonary thing. It's really pretty challenging and amazing. I know that God is working on me and opening my heart to love more than I thought possible.

OKay, away I go.

All my love,



Nicole said...

Nachos grande y cinammon twists...

I'm seriously impressed at your blogging skills. I have bookmarked it so I can get to it everyday.

Smile sweet girl because you are loved. I miss you so much and love you long time.


Sara said...

I love your blog! You are truly inspiring. :) You're in my prayers


Anonymous said...

Hi SIS! Okay so I miss you so much I am reading your blog! Who knew that I would actually make time to read it :) You knew it all along didn't you!

Thank you for my BDAY message!

I am so proud of you, I love you and miss you but know that what you are doing is so much more important than anything we, the ones awaiting your return, could ever imagine doing!

Keep up the good work, your strength and support and ability to share Christ with everyone around you is amazing! LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Jessie,

I miss you and I love you! I cant wait until you come back.
Love Faith