Thursday, October 8, 2009

not "lettin it go" at the end

For all of your viewing pleasure... here is a taste of a lil workout. Staged just for you. This evening I actually ended up doing a lil 8 mile bike ride. It was so pretty outside I just couldn't resist. Here I am in all my glory at 35 weeks pregnant. Getting ready for a lil workout. :)

Bicep curl. Whew.

Push-up on a stability ball. Good for the core, back and arms. :)

And for good measure a squat... which is actually very awkward as a preggo lady.


Steph H said...

FUN! Girl ... if only we lived closer we could totally work out together. I am a few weeks behind you ... at 27. My neighbor is also prego and we have a little routine. Hey - where in Florida do you live??? We will be there in June at Jensen Beach. Is that close to you? Check it:

Lori said...

Oh My Gosh! Never seen belly bump pictures, quite like these! I am enjoying your blog. Keep it going, I'll be watching for the first baby pictures. Lori Kees