Friday, October 16, 2009

Mountain climbing

What a week it has been. I meant to write last night, but the house was full of boys and basketball so I was busy in the kitchen making cookies. I made yummy cake batter cookies with choc frosting. (Great idea Trish) They were a hit, I'm still #1 team mom and all is right in the world. Also yesterday I was able to have lunch with a bunch of the women's basketball team here at AMU. I'm their assigned "mentor" meaning basically I'm around and available if they need anything. What a great group of girls. For lunch I ran up the road to Immokalee and picked up some DELISH nachos for everyone. Chips, beans, cheese, fajita meat, jalapenos, guac, lettuce... you name it, it was on there!  Mmmmmmm. Yum. Makes me miss Texas food, especially Austin food. I do think Austin, Texas has the best food ever. All of it, any restaurant, I love it.

So Tuesday Jamon and I went to the Dr. for my check-up. My amazing Dr, who I'm SO thankful for said everything is perfect and we can start expecting Corban to make his arrival in 2-7 weeks. 2 weeks I can handle. 7 I can not. I'm trying to work out a deal with Corban that he arrives around the beginning of November, after the 7th (basketball home game) and before the 13th (basketeball away game.) If he can come then we'll all be happy. We'll see how my negotiating skills with unborn babies are. ;) In the end, I'm putting my money on that he'll come when he's good and ready and none of my negotiating with him of God will make any difference. But Corban... please be aware that your grandma's have already purchased their plane tickets and will be super bummed if you're not here yet. :) (guilt... we'll see how that works in utero)

Wednesday our chiropractor came by. Love him. Dr. Roland makes house calls in Ave and is fantastic. So good and knowledgeable. I wish everyone could be adjusted by him. We were talking about the pregnancy and he made a comment I'd like to share here. He said that studies show that women in pregnancy expend as much energy doing close to nothing as a mountain climber climbing a mountain does. YES!!!!! Repeat, I'M EXHAUSTED... like I've climbed a mountain and I haven't done anything. It all makes sense. Thank you Dr. Roland for making me feel more normal and less like a tired bum. Thank you Corban for zapping all energy I have.

Next weekend Jamon and I celebrate our 1 year anniversary. ONE YEAR!!! We talked about it last night and are so clueless as of what to do. Any ideas? suggestions? I'll probably end up cooking something yummy at home and we'll hang out, maybe go for a walk. Maybe even a picnic on the beach. In the end, I'm sure it will be perfect as long as we can hang out. He's my best friend and I could do anything or nothing with him and be happy. God is so good and I am SO thankful for our marriage.

I'll end a with a quote I have on my office wall... If He asks much it is because He knows you can give much. - Pope John Paul II

(I know it has nothing to do with my post, but I like the quote. Enjoy)


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Anonymous said...

YEA Jess! There is some kind of "warm fuzzy" attached to your posts ~ I'm sure! I just sit here and read with a big ol' smile on my face. I get my tickets tonight or tomorrow for Paradise ~ I'll let you know the scoop when we do! See you soon! ♥Mom