Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blog Post #1...

Here I go.

I thought this picture was appropriate. It shows how I'm approaching my year as a co-worker / missionary. I'm open... I'm excited. The world is my oyster. :)

I'm also nervous.

I leave Austin in 3.5 days. Have I done everything I want to do? Have I said good-bye to everyone I wanted to? Have I had my share of Firemans 4 beer? Ha! You know... if I haven't done all these things it'll be fine. I'm only gone for a year. 365 days. That's nothin! I am ready and thankful for the opportunity to serve Christ in this way. I pray that He uses me to touch people's lives and to bring a smile to those I encounter. I also pray that He breaks me where I need to be broken; that I come back to Austin a kinder, less judgemental, less prideful, more open person.

Let it begin.

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