Sunday, June 22, 2008


So if the past two days are indicative of how I'm going to keep this blog updated then I'll be a champion. :)

Today is Sunday. I leave Wednesday. Right now I'm at the point of a move where I wish I was already gone or not going anywhere. Moving limbo is such a weird time. I've said most of my good-byes except for a couple that I'll wait to say until the very last minute... we're talking, I'm pulling out of my parking space waving adios.

All of that aside. As I'm getting ready to go to my last going away party I found myself asking "Why am I doing this?" The only answer I could come up with was the one I gave my niece Faith when she asked me a couple of days ago why I'm leaving. I told her "Because I love Jesus the most." She smiled and gave me a thumbs up! I love young innocence. Now this is an answer that some will get, some will scoff at and some just won't understand at all. That's okay. I'm not leaving to do this missionary work for anyone else. I do love Jesus. He loved me first. I'll do whatever it is He asks. I want to help others to know that love. I hope that I've spent my life and all the encounters I've had with people showing the love I have for Christ to them, by loving them.

I guess that's it. I hope that when I start to forget why and what I'm doing, I can read "Because I love Jesus and He loved me first..." and remember.


Packsaddle said...

Wishing you success during your journey!

Jen said...

aw, tear. i love your reason why you're going. you're beautiful.

Mere said...

Let the Blogmenting begin lil lassie. You are so loved, my dear. So deeply and effortlessly loved . . . x

Katie Weber said...

Wow I am really excited to keep reading! What a beautiful message for everyone as we all feel called to do things we might question or be uneasy with. You are amazing and I can't wait to hear about your journey ahead! Much love!! ~Katie

Anonymous said...

You're amazing Jess! I love you!
~Your lil sis~