Monday, June 30, 2008

Michigan, here I come

UUGGGHHH... I wrote a whole post and then when I went to "Publish post" it was all erased. Here I go again. Briefly.

I leave for Michigan in T-minus 6 hours. I'm finally getting excited to be embarking on this adventure. I have to push aside sadness and nervousness, but when I do I find giddy-ness. :)

I'll be in Michigan for the next 6 weeks for missionary training. I'm not entirely sure what the schedule entails and if we even have Internet time... please lord, let them have something better than dial-up... so it may be a while before I can blog again. As soon as I find out where I'm going I'll figure out a way to post it on here, so stay tuned. Right now I'm thinking Atlanta or New York would be nice. If they want to send me outside of the US I wouldn't complain about Ireland or Spain. I'm seriously praying I stay in the US though. However, I have complete confidence that I'll be put where God wants me and that is where, without a doubt, I'll be happiest.

Please keep me in your prayers as I start this journey. I need them. Also, be assured of mine. I'll pray every night "God bless anyone who actually reads my blog ;)"

Off to packing I go. Only a handful of stuff left.

all my love,


Brian said...

Im reading Gmoney. And praying for ya

Denise Bodman said...

Hey Jess, we love you dearly and are praying for you daily!

Monica said...


Oh I love you and am praying for you my Jessie :)